Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dhama's "Wild" Weekend Fun

Glimpses of the Dhama team's journey through the wilds of Nalamalla Hills; the trip undertaken to offer worship at Devasthan Shri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple at ShriSailam turned into lot more fun and gambol.!/album.php?aid=602147&id=332349125511

Monday, December 27, 2010

BackStage: Genesis of Pain Relieving Elbow Pack

This is what it looked like! The first version... A basic proto-frame holding ClimaCon tech to be tied around the elbow ...A heating/cooling jab at stabbing elbow pain.

This contraption makes life easy and takes "fuss" away from pain. GOODBYE to the days of setting water to boil or freeze... ClimaWare-Elbow pack is "at least one headache less" when you are already agonizing over that SORE ELBOW...Just Snap on and push buttons for lasting relief.
However, this early design was not enough. It looked too boxy!

The next dig for our team was to make the gizmo aesthetic and snazzy without disturbing the tech set-up inside. Thus, the design elements, style lines and the frame were tweaked and played around with.

As evident, the team was fast to reckon that minuscule adjustments just won't do.The gadget needed a complete overhaul...brand new thought...and a break-free from the old design!
The team pored over the elbow pack design, over endless cups of "chai".

The character of the product was defined... It was going to be the next uber-chic performance-oriented accessory to be worn on and off the sport. The product form identity was derived from the personality of the tennis sport. Uttam took charge of product design and developed concepts for an integrated design. Since then, he has taken full onus of elbow pack development.

The thought experiments yielded a fresh product design...a major leap in ergonomics and emotional appeal. The new elbow pack has wireless circuitry and touch-screen control. The battery is integrated into a detachable strap to provide additional compression.The new design is sleek and has 2X heating/cooling power over the previous design.What's more, it is so flexible that it can be wrapped around any portion of the limbs.


ClimaWare-Elbow pack is COMING SOON at a clinic near you...Grab one to welcome restful sleep...and bid farewell to nagging aches. Just put one on and forget about it. "At least one headache less" is truly priceless!